craving spring colors

like peachy pinks

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color crush

i’ve developed a crush on red and navy combos


links: 1, 2, 3

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aaaaaaaaaand we’re back: adventures in house renovation

hello hello!
i’ve missed my blog. so. much.
dissertation year is seriously kicking my behind, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. till now. yay!

thought i’d start with a house renovation update, since lots and lots has changed in the last 5 months. for those of you who love process and before and after shots, here’s a ton on our front steps.

this is what the front of the house used to look like before i planted massive grasses and bushes. just scope the steps on the right side of the pictures:

as you can see, the steps were crumbling:

this picture is from when we relaid the walkway. clearly there was a lot of beer drinking when that happened…
anyway, i let the hostas on the right side grow HUGE over the past 5 years because the hostas allowed us to cover up how bad it was on the one side. this summer C and the crew ripped them all out and built an entirely new front step.
here’s how it all went down in pictures and my not-at-all-techincal descriptions:

1. C ripped out everything over the course of an extremely humid week:

2. C and Smoke (our favorite mason) dug really deep holes and started rebuilding:

3. Smoke built a base and landing with a lotta cement:

4. During this time, both C and I lost our keys to the back door of the house. So, each and every time we came and went, we climbed up the mound of dirt and stone on the right, walked across that little 2/4 plank, and in through the front door. I did this in heels. Many times.

6. Our other contractor Felix ripped out the rotten ceiling and built a new one:

7.  Felix and C built the stairs. Felix was extremely excited about the progress:

8. Smoke finished the sides to match the original stone around the base of the house.
Wintson liked to hangout there a lot and keep everyone company.

9. Felix built out the landing:

11. Then C stained everything and I took a very lop-sided picture of it with my phone and didn’t bother to edit for this blog post:

12. Then fall turned to winter and here we are today:

The end.

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bloom 3

[favorite pieces from bloom magazine]

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bloom 2


[favorite pieces from bloom magazine]

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[some of my favorite pieces from bloom]

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moto fun

fun fact: i got my motorcycle license this summer.

before anyone fires off a million comments about my lack of balance and history of horrible bike accident(s), i’d like to promise you all that i have no intention of riding on the streets this summer. getting my license consisted of riding around a large parking lot for two days and getting tested on skills i had not even come close to mastering. therefore, getting my license means little more than this: i can ride around a parking lot on a bike in second (or if there is enough space) third gear, make quick stops, and ride over some 2×4 boards without crashing. none of this really makes me road-ready. in fact, taking the class made me realize two things: 1.) there are people out on the roads driving motorcycles with almost no experience 2.) when i’m driving and there are motorcycles around me, i’m super paranoid they will end up in my blind spot and bad things will happen. if anything, getting my license has made me a more cautious car driver than anything else.

it also made me realize that the helmet i’ve been wearing while riding on the back of C’s bikes is little more than a brain bucket. i tried on full face helmets last weekend and thought: holy. moly. what on earth were we thinking when we bought this piece of crap? said piece of crap: (the helmet. the bike is awesome.)

Biltwell just came out with these full face beauties and I ordered one yesterday:

Can’t wait to get it.
I also can’t decide what bubble shield to get, although i’m leaning towards this gradient blue one because it fades like ombre and matches my first bike.

Yesterday, C coached me while I rode in circles around the church parking lot down the street on my first bike.
The fact that C built it makes it that much more awesome.






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Devil May Care Lingerie Look Book

Devil May Care Lingerie is out with their Deep Summer look book: shot entirely in our (half) renovated house and patio! The photos are dreamy; they make our house look incredible! It’s a bit nuts to look at the pictures and see a model hanging out in my tub and by our soaking pool. Check out the entire look book here and DMC’s online store here. They also have an amazing boutique on Park Ave that is worth scoping out. I buy all of my underthings there: Ana and her sister Rosie are the most knowledgable women I know when it comes to women’s unique body types and finding the perfect fit. (They also have no idea I’m writing this, so it’s a bit of a shameless plug because I think they are so fabulous!) xoxo ladies!


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lace sleeve

*if i ever got a sleeve, i would tattoo my arm with lace like this

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o jeffery campbell, always breakin’ my heart with another pair of perfect boots

(also: these)

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